we provide design services for every project. The design phase is very important in any project. We work with you to create an amazing 3D design as well as a 2D drawing of your future space. We will first schedule a consultation to talk about everything that you would like to include in your future outdoor space to make a beautiful functional space for you and your family. We will then take measurements and pursue to make a beautiful 3D design. The details included in our design will blow you away. You will be able to see exactly what your property will be like after we complete all the work and everything grows in. The design process is very important for every project and is the first phase to any project.

During the first consultation, we will discuss a price range that you have in mind. This helps us in the design process by deciding amount of material, size of hardscapes and plants, and how much customized beauty we include in your landscape design. After we agree on a design that you love, we will then create a written proposal with everything broken down so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

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1. Learn

  • We need to develop your dream landscape! To start, we need to start with an assessment to learn a little more about your project.

  • Fill out the assessment on our website.

  • Schedule a design consultation with us using online booking.

2. Design

We will design your landscape to your needs, aesthetics, and functionality to make the perfect plan moving forward. We offer custom 3D design services. Our 3D designs are $1500 - $4000.

3. Build

We also offer installation on the design we create! We are happy to discuss this more with you over the phone or at the design consultation.

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