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How to Prep Your Pool for Spring

As the weather continues to improve and the temperatures rise, thinking about going for a swim in your pool is no longer just a dream. But as bad as you would like to just jump into the pool right now, you first need to follow a few steps to ensure that your pool is safe and ready for the season. Prepping your pool now leaves you even more time to enjoy lounging in it in the summer. Unfortunately, there are pool owners out there who want to prep their pool but just don’t know where to start. The good news is that prepping your pool for spring is a lot easier than you might think. Mountain Sky Landscaping and Pools, your pool installation company in Colorado, offers these tips on how to prep your pool for spring.

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Cover Care

The first step of the pool prep process is to take care of your pool cover. But before you remove it and store it for the season, it is essential that you clear all the debris that has accumulated over the winter. Obviously, you don’t want any of that debris to wind up in the water. So, once you remove the cover, lay it on a hard and flat surface like your patio or driveway and use a broom or very large brush to wash it. You don’t have to buy any fancy cleaners or anything; a bucket of hot, soapy water will do just fine.

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Once the cover has been well-scrubbed, let it sit out in the warm sun for a while until it has dried. Once your pool cover is dry, you can fold it up and stow it away in a secure and safe place. You will want to find a safe place to store the cover as you don’t want it to get damaged.

cleaning pool filter

Filtration and Inspection

Spring is as good of a time as any to have your pool inspected for any potential problems that could crop up during the summer. If you aren’t sure how to complete this step, it might make sense to call an expert and have them take a look at your pool. At the very least, you should check the pump, skimmer basket, plugs, and all connections to ensure there is no damage and that they function properly.

Now it’s time to fire up the filtration system; just make sure that you remove any winter plugs installed in the fall to prevent freezing. You also want to reattach ay hoses that were disconnected in the fall. This is also a good time to add water to your pool as it may have rescinded aver the winter months.

skimming the water of a pool

Clean Your Pool

Use a skimmer net to remove any debris from the water. The next step is to use a brush to scrub the sides and floor of your pool. You will then need to vacuum the bottom of your pool. After the pool has been thoroughly cleaned, it is recommended that you let the filter run for at least 24 hours to circulate the water.

Once your pool is good and clean, and the filtration system is up and running, it is time to test your pool’s water. This is a much easier process if you invest in a pool testing kit that tests all of the various chemicals in the water. Once you get a good idea of the chlorine level, water hardness, and pH, it is time to make adjustments. Make sure that the pump is running when adding chemicals so they will circulate throughout the water.

Call a Professional

Of course, not everybody is equipped to set up their pool for spring, or they just have no interest in doing it themselves. There isn’t anything wrong with that. The easy solution to pool prepping in the spring is calling your local pool service company. A pool service company will inspect your pool, check the chemicals, and ensure that everything is in good order and properly functioning for the summer swim season.

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If you don't already have a pool, there are several benefits to investing in one. Sure, having a pool will provide many years of sheer enjoyment, but there are also several critical health benefits you will also enjoy. And don’t let your fear of maintaining a pool keep you from reaching your dream; owning a pool isn’t such a burden as you might think. In fact, pool maintenance is relatively easy as long as you keep up with what needs to be done on a regular basis. So go ahead, contact us for a quote and take that critical step forward to owning your very own pool.

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