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Holiday Landscaping Ideas That Will Have You The Hero Of The Neighborhood

Step into almost any house in December, and you are sure to find all sorts of holidays decorations. From well-dressed Christmas trees in the living room to holiday candles burning in the dining room, we do our best to make our homes festive. But once you have decorated the tree, filled the stockings with goodies, and put the lights up around the front window, it’s time to seriously consider sprucing up your landscape with holiday cheer. Sure, you can put lights up outside your home, but there are much better ways in which you can bring the holiday spirit to your outdoor space. Your landscaping company serving Cherry Hills offers ways in which you can decorate your landscape for the holidays.

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Benefits of Holiday Decorations

Were you aware that it is actually beneficial to your health and well-being to focus on decorating your home for the holidays? That’s right, decorating the Christmas tree and hanging stockings over the fireplace has a very positive impact on your life. As such, it makes perfect sense to extend the scope of your décor to your outdoor space.

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There is always so much going on this time of year. Between the existing stresses you have at work, there are other stresses, including all that shopping that needs to be done and the fact you have family coming over for the holidays. Holiday decorating is a wonderful distraction from these stresses. It allows you to focus on something else and feel festive.

Christmas is one of those holidays that you should be looking forward to celebrating. It’s a peaceful time and one that is enjoyed with family and friends. Even as an adult, there is a lot to look forward to, and you should get wholly immersed in the holiday spirit. By decorating your home, you are having fun and looking forward to the celebration.

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Light It Up

Holiday lighting has become so popular, and it is of little wonder why; they produce beautiful scenery that attracts people from other neighborhoods. During the holiday season, swap out your outdoor light fixture bulbs with festive colored light bulbs. This is a quick and easy way to make your home more festive.

You can also string lights in and around the trees and bushes in your yard. Stringing lights around individual branches make your barren plants glow with beauty. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to install holiday lights in your outdoor space, and it goes a long way in making your home fun and festive.

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Flannel Blankets and Plaid Pillows

While your outdoor furniture looks great in the summer, it can look a bit cold and out of place in the dead of winter. Give your outdoor patio furniture a holiday look by adding a few flannel blankets and plaid pillows to it. You can extend this Christmas theme to the mailbox, front door, and other parts of your outdoor space as well. A Christmas scarf looks smart and fun wrapped around the mailbox and a blanket and pillow on the front porch glider make it look cozy and inviting.

Pine cones are also another festive and fun decoration you can use in your outdoor space to give it the holiday treatment. You can add frosted pine cones to your patio table for a great winter look. And add a few ornaments and candles to complete the look. What you wind up with is an outdoor table ready to host Christmas dinner.

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Go Big

If you are going to decorate your outdoor space for the holiday season, it is best to go big or go home. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you can get larger-than-life Christmas decorations that are perfectly suited for outdoor use. All you need to do is a little shopping.

Imagine your friends or neighbors walking up to your front porch and greeted by two enormous Nutcracker characters guarding the front door. You can then add a couple of larger-than-life gift boxes with massive ribbons, large Christmas ornaments hanging from the overhang, and giant candy canes hung on the porch railings. It will make the biggest adults feel like little kids once again.

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Festive Plants

You will definitely want to add some holiday plants to your landscaping. Don’t sell yourself short by merely adding one or two poinsettias; go all out and show the world just how fun and festive you can be. It is an easy task to incorporate holiday plants with your existing landscape; just make sure you layer them and utilize different size plants that will catch the eye.

You can also highlight these holiday plants with landscape lighting. It doesn’t have to be something done by a professional; a few battery-operated or solar garden lights will illuminate your plants rather nicely. And while you are at it, you should add some décor to complete the scene.

Go to the flea market and find an old sled that can be used as a prop. A red wagon also does the trick. Holiday garland draped on your holiday plants gives them that added wow factor. Don’t keep the plants in the cheesy plastic pots; place your plants in interesting and attractive holders like old metal buckets or unique ceramic pots.

Create a Place to Gather

When the family is gathered together in your home, they are often found in the warm kitchen or close to a fire. And you can bet that the family will gather at the dining room table when it is filled with food. Do your family a favor by creating a festive and warm place to gather on your back patio. If you have it built, they will come.

A cozy outdoor space in the winter starts with a fire feature. Now, a grill counts as a fire feature, but a built-in grill will work better. An outdoor fireplace is a perfect way to draw people to the patio, but you can also have a custom fire feature installed by your landscaper.

You will also want to ensure there is plenty of light to keep people safe and so they can see the people they are talking to. Warm backyard lighting is not a harsh light and gives a warm glow that encourages people to hang outside.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your family, why not schedule the installation of a fire feature or built-in grill? These are wonderful gift ideas that will be appreciated, loved, and used for years and years. All it takes is a phone call, and you can give the ultimate gift.

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