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Colorado Pool Installation: If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!

Traditional pools are great; there is no doubt about that. Anybody who loves to swim would jump at the opportunity to have a pool installed in their backyard. But just like your extraordinary landscape, pools can be built to reflect your personal style. Over the years, several exotic features for swimming pools have become increasingly popular. Of course, we aren’t just talking about exotic materials; we are talking about features that will have your pool standing out from the rest. These are the types of pools you might see in the movies or in designer magazines at expensive salons. But, hey, if you are going to call your Colorado pool installation company for a quote, you may as well go big. After all, your backyard is your personal oasis, and a fancy pool with exotic features will only make you love your outdoor space even more.

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The Benefits of a Pool

A backyard pool has so many benefits that it makes deciding to have one installed an easy choice. You already know the health benefits of owning a swimming pool, which alone is an excellent reason for the investment. Another great reason to own a pool is that it will increase the value of your home, which helps offset the installation cost.

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If you own a swimming pool, you will definitely spend more time outdoors, which means you benefit from the additional boost of vitamin D. In addition, swimming a few laps a day is an excellent way to ease the stress you suffer, and we all suffer from some form of stress. Owning a pool also helps you sleep better at night; if you want to enjoy deep sleep, hit the pool before bed and sleep like nobody’s business.

But there are two benefits that are often overlooked when in the market for a swimming pool. The first is the visual appeal a pool will give your outdoor space; there is just something about a pool that makes people stare at them for hours. The second benefit is that a swimming pool makes your home the destination for your friends who want to be entertained. With a pool in your backyard, you become the host with the most—all the more reason to consider the following exotic features for your pool.


Perimeter Overflow

Perimeter overflow is a stunning feature that is sure to draw plenty of attention to your pool; it will also have your guests asking quite a few questions. A perimeter overflow is when the water overflows its edges and flows into a hidden catch basin and then recycled back into the pool. It’s much like an infinity-edge pool, but the water overflows all around the pool.

The water in a perimeter flow pool looks like a sheet of glass, all shiny and sheer. This is because when the surface of the pool is flush with the deck, it gives a highly reflective look, almost like your pool is floating just above the ground. It’s really something you need to see in the flesh to appreciate the effect.

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Fire Features

Yet another increasingly popular pool feature is a fire feature. Fire features not only add a visual focal point to your pool and a sense of the exotic, but they also function as a way to add warmth and drama to the vibe. And just imagine how relaxing it would be to have the pool all to yourself to enjoy a fabulous fire feature at night.

Fire features also add function to your pool setting. The added light is wonderful when guests gather by your pool in the evening when the sun has set. With a fire feature in your pool setting, your backyard looks more like an exotic resort than your back patio.

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Grottos and Caves

For those not in the know, a grotto is a waterfall feature that includes a cave that you or guests can swim in and sit in. Many pool owners use their grottos for devotional or ornamental purposes; they are often used as a shrine and are filled with statues or gardens. They add depth and a sense of mystery to your pool, and your guests will be eager to check it out.

Grottos and caves can be custom-built; the way you want your grotto to look and feel is limited only by your imagination. They can be anything from a simple cave with seating for two to an entire room with a garden, bar, and lighting. But, again, you need to see this in person to get the full effect.

Exotic Touches are Game Changers

Exotic touches will bring your swimming pool to a whole new level and completely change the look of your outdoor space. These types of features will add a creative element to your pool, and it will make your pool truly unique. You might think that getting to this point is achievable, but all you need is to find a pool installation company you can trust and talk to them about your dream pool. Right now is a good time to contact us with any questions you might have.

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