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Are Backyard Water Features Worth The Investment?

For us, there is nothing more rewarding than the look on the face of a customer who is delighted with their landscaping project that we just completed. And while we love taking raw materials and turning them into art in the outdoor space of our clients, nothing beats their reaction when they finally get to see that newly installed pergola, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. Backyard water features are projects that delight our customers as well. We offer a variety of water features from which you can choose, including bubbling fountains, soothing ponds, and peaceful waterfalls, and at price points that fit any budget. However, you might wonder if a water feature by your Boulder landscaping company is worth the investment.

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Adding Value To Your Home

Adding a water feature to your hoe may or may not directly increase the value of your home. It depends a lot on the type of water feature you have installed. For example, a koi pond or pool might add value, but a simple water feature like a small fountain probably won’t. However, that is not to say that they aren’t worth the investment because they totally are.

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A water feature will undoubtedly increase the appeal of your home should you decide to sell it. It could even be the feature that gets the biggest bid for your house. But we all know that you are adding a water feature because you want to enjoy the benefits that they have to offer.

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The Benefits Of Having A Water Feature

Throughout history, we have recognized the incredible healing power of water. When people arrive home after a stressful day at work, it is not uncommon for them to unwind by taking a hot bath or steaming in the shower. Water is relaxing and soothing, and it revives the spirit and cleanses the mind.

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space will foster peace and relaxation. A fountain will create a tranquil sound for all to enjoy. You will find yourself staring at a waterfall for hours, transfixed on the way it calms your nerves. A water feature is like a therapy session but without the copay.

The reflective properties of water make smaller spaces look larger. If you add underwater lighting to a water feature, this will enhance that property. So if you have limited outdoor space, a water feature will make your yard look bigger.

Not only will a fountain or waterfall create a tranquil sound that you are sure to enjoy, but it will also drown out the sounds of the neighborhood you don’t want to hear. There are several noises that you suffer through when spending time outside. A water feature will help drown out the sounds of traffic, lawnmowers, and that one neighbor who talks way too loud on the phone while hanging out on their patio.

As soon as you have your water feature installed, you will notice increased wildlife on your property. You will be surprised by the number of birds that will pay you a visit every day, many breeds that you might not be familiar with. Your very own water feature will become life support for critters in your neighborhood.

While water features are quite popular, not everybody in your neighborhood will have one. Not only will a water feature add instant beauty to your outdoor space, but it will also give your yard a unique look. Should you throw a neighborhood party, you can expect that your water feature will get a lot of attention. And you will have a few jealous neighbors, to be sure.

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Things to Consider When Having a Water Feature Installed

Much like real estate, one consideration when having a water feature installed is location. For example, you don’t want to place a pond in a low spot in your yard that will get a lot of runoff in a rainstorm. You also want your water feature to be installed in a place where people can see it and enjoy it. So good visibility is also crucial.

You will also want easy access to your water feature for maintenance purposes. A water feature would look great in the middle of your garden, but you want a way in which it is easily accessible. For example, you could have a stone or concrete walkway installed through the garden.

You don’t necessarily want your water feature directly under a tree because falling leaves will lead to having to clean it out more often. However, you want your water feature to get some shade to keep the water cool if your pond supports wildlife.

Your water feature should reflect your personality to some extent; it should also match the style of your outdoor space. For example, if your landscaping includes a lot of modern materials, like stainless steel and glass, then your water feature should be installed to fit right in. On the other hand, traditional landscaping with rock and other natural materials should include a water feature made from similar materials.

Once you have your water feature installed, it might prompt you to have other projects installed on your property. After all, what good is a water fountain unless there is seating close by to enjoy it? Of course, a water feature might also prompt you to add a few more trees or other plants to your yard. But that’s fine because we all desire our outdoor space to be as nice as possible.

The Time Is Now

Right now is an excellent time to start thinking about having a water feature installed on your property. It is not just as simple as picking out a favorite fountain; you will want some time to choose the perfect water feature. Once you decide what type of water feature you want, you need to decide where to have it installed. We are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about water features, please feel free to give us a call.

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