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A Few Hidden Benefits Of Having A Pool Installed

There are several compelling reasons to call your Colorado pool contractors and have a custom pool installed at your home. Of course, one of the most popular reasons for a pool is the health benefits you enjoy swimming on a daily basis. And let’s not forget the sheer joy a pool brings people of all ages and backgrounds. Then, of course, those who want a pool because it boosts their social status. But most people fail to realize several hidden benefits of having a pool installed. Here are a few less obvious benefits you will enjoy after you have Mountain Sky Landscaping & Pools install a swimming pool on your property.

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Getting Along With Others

Although swimming is considered an individual activity, there are several team applications you can engage in your swimming pool. For example, you might gather your friends for a game of water polo or have lap races while divided into teams. Of course, in order for these team-oriented games to go smoothly, you have to work well with others.

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Team-building skills are critical in the real world. If you are an adult, you know by now that it takes teamwork to accomplish projects at work or even at home. Younger swimmers will soon learn that working well with others makes them a better person, and it prepares them for the future. Team-building skills encourage coordination, strategy, and inspiration. A swimming pool helps people become better leaders and prepares younger swimmers for a successful career.

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Swimming Boosts Intelligence

Many of you aren’t going to believe this, but swimming actually makes you smarter. This isn’t something we just made up or saw on Facebook; it’s been proven by several studies over the years. For example, one study conducted in Australia concluded that swimming at an early age master a wide range of skills earlier than children who don’t swim.

The study details how swimmers perform better in motor skills and intellectual skills compared to non-swimmers. In addition, swimmers’ physical and mental development increase at a faster rate than children who do not swim on a regular basis. It is even noted that swimmers master skills like mathematics and language much quicker than those who don’t swim on a regular basis.

Even as an adult, you can enjoy the brain boost you get when you swim regularly. Studies have shown that swimming helps sharpen your focus and will increase your attention span. As such, you are better prepared to avoid distractions at work and get things done quicker and more efficiently. Should you get a big raise at work, you can thank your swimming pool for giving you that boost at work.

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Boosts Your Confidence

Yet another study found that swimmers have more confidence than those who don’t swim. This holds true with both swimmers who swim all on their own and those who swim with others. You have to admit it, though; you do feel rather proud of yourself when you are able to swim from one end of the pool to the other. You also have to be pretty brave to dive into the deep end of a pool. Each time you go swimming, you gain more confidence, which reflects in a positive way in real life.

Swimmers also tend to be more independent individuals, which means they are better able to enjoy time spent all alone. Swimming gives you peace of mind, and you grow comfortable in the water. In fact, some people enjoy swimming because it gives them time to be alone with only their thoughts. After a day of dealing with people at work, it is very nice having the ability to jump in the pool and let the day melt away.

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Expensive Gear Not Needed

It’s bad enough that you have to dole out money for recreational activities in your city. It’s highly likely that you have spent money signing up for the gym or paid a fee to join a recreation center. But, unfortunately, signing up for these activities isn't where the spending ends. Many activities require expensive equipment. For example, before you can play a game of tennis or racquetball, you need a racquet, balls, and safety gear. And there are activities that require hundreds of dollars of equipment, like hockey, which will clean out a bank account.

Once you have your pool installed, you can enjoy the benefits without having to spend money on anything, except a bathing suit, of course. And should you think about engaging in a water sport, many games don't require spending a lot of money. Water polo is an example of a team sport that only requires an inexpensive ball to play.

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Swimming Helps You Live Longer

Studies have shown that swimming is a great way to slow down the aging process. Of course, you can’t slow down or stop time, but you can delay the effects of aging by hitting the pool on a regular basis. There are several health benefits associated with swimming, including improved blood flow, reduced inflammation n the joints, and reduced blood pressure, all of which will help you live a longer and healthier life. Swimming for seniors is encouraged as it improves physical strength and increases cardiovascular health.

There is a lot of thought that goes into deciding whether or not to have a pool installed on your property. After all, it is a significant investment. You might want a pool for the joy of swimming or because it is a wonderful addition to your home. You might even consider a pool for the social status or the boost it gives the value of your home. While these are all critical factors in making the decision, your health is more important than anything else and should be considered. Once you decide that it is in your best interest healthwise to get a pool, give us a call, and we will talk.

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